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      產品中心 > 馬夸特 > 155X系列ECO開關




      By actuating the switch of office and household appliances it is in the majority of cases not

      possible to disconnect the device completely. The appliances are in a standby or sleep mode with

      energy loss still. This means for example in Germany about 22 billion KWh per year loss according to

      the German ECO government department.

      The regulation 1275-2008-EC for the ECO design requirements of the power consumption for

      electronic office and household appliances within the standby and OFF state requires the observation

      of following limit values.


      AOS: Auto-Off Switch

      AOS version is with integrated electronic works standalone and use an internal signal

      to shut-off the switch after a defined time.

      AOS-I: Auto-Off Switch with Current detecting function than AOS switch.

      Basic Technical Features

      ◆ Size : (39.5 ± 0.5mm )x(18.0 ± 0.5mm)x(43.0 ± 0.5mm) small compact size

      ◆ Contact Rating Capacity: 10 (4)/250VAC,16(8)/110VAC

      ◆ Ambient Temperature Rating: 0℃~85℃

      ◆ Electrical Durability >50,000 cycles

      ◆ Mechanical Durability > 100,000 cycles

      ◆ IP 40 (protect Φ1.00mm or even more bigger solid particles, no water protect)

      ◆ According to ENEC 60335 (European Normal Electrical Certification)

      ◆ UL 61058-1 approval

      ◆ Flammability: UL 94V-0

      ◆ RoHS compliant

      ◆ Switch off time programmable in production (4s~71 h)

      ◆ Customized Rocker possible

      ◆ Illuminated and non-illuminated variants

      ROS: Remote-Off Switch

      ROS version does not have an internal electronic and gets the signal from the

      appliance electronic to shut-off the appliance.

      Typical advantages

      ◆ Comfortable automatic appliance shut-off, completely galvanic disconnection.

      (ECO e.g. saving per device of up to 20 EUR and in the average 100 EUR per home or

      10% of the energy costs per year)

      ◆ Generally reduction of electric power consumption.

      ◆ Solution as complete standalone component. Auto-off

      ◆ Slim solution for devices with electronic. Remote-off

      ◆ Auto-off and Remote-off flexible by device type demand.

      ◆ Cost-effective solution of ECO requirement.

      ◆ For AOS the MCU control the OFF time very accurate either at 50hz or 60hz.

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